Communication Skills for Scientists and Engineers

For the summer semester, SAPS offers the certificate course „Communication Skills for Scientists and Engineers“.

Science and engineering is not just about knowledge. The ability to communicate your ideas and findings is crucial, be it in the form of journal papers, a conference presentation, or that crucial pitch to your boss. “Communication Skills for Scientists and Engineers” prepares you for those situations. It tells you how to craft effective presentations and structure written documents for clarity and impact, all the while observing the highest ethical standards.

The course is taught by Professor Hermann Schumacher, who has authored and co-authored 370 journal articles and contributions at major conferences, in the areas of micro- and millimeter-wave circuit design, compound semiconductor devices, optoelectronics, but also the didactics of continuing education. The course will be delivered in a blended-learning format, with a kick-off meeting in Ulm, guided online self-learning, and a concluding two-day seminar in the Austrian Alps.

The Application for the course is possible until 31st of march.

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