Business Analytics Drives Innovation

Dynamic changes in markets such as globalization, increasing competition, dynamic customer needs, game changers and the increasing complexity of products and technologies are decisive challenges for companies. The key to success is a long-term and forward-looking corporate orientation, combined with the successful implementation of the operating business. Therefore, companies have to deal with the future, understand the present, and learn from the past.

The module Business Analytics Drives Innovation provides a solution for these issues. Participants will be taught the basic techniques of business analytics in order to derive emerging technologies, new products, services, business models or process innovations. The learning goals are primarily aimed for the areas of technology foresight and company development as well as customer and product management. Results will be evaluated individually and will be used to optimise internal business processes. You will have the possibility to exchange ideas with employees of other companies and discuss challenges, different approaches, and possible solutions. In addition to the presentation and discussion of analytical techniques, the participants will be able to apply selected applications in a specific manner as well as understand and select the underlying databases.


This course is especially designed for professionals responsible for technology foresight, business development, and business strategy as well as costumer and product management.


The online part of the study programme takes place in self-study and in the form of group work. For the self-study part of the programme, video lectures with detailed information about the contents and an elaborated script are offered. The script has been developed especially for extra-occupational learners in regard to the didactic concept of Ulm University. It contains breaks for independent study, multiple and single choice tests, quizzes, exercises, etc.

Your mentor will offer online seminars in periodic intervals. These seminars will help you to handle the exercises and work on the learning topics. An online forum for exchange with the other students will also be available.

Verantwortliche Durchführung

Die School of Advanced Professional Studies (SAPS) ist Ihr Ansprechpartner für Ihre berufsbegleitende wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung an der Universität Ulm. Wir bieten berufsbegleitende Master-Studiengänge als Weiterqualifizierung und einzelne Module der Master-Studiengänge als Zertifikatskurse für eine Vertiefung in einem Fachbereich an.

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It is strongly recommended to have basic knowledge in applied statistics.


Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht

Professor für Entrepreneurship & Technologie an der Universität Liechtenstein, Verwaltungsrat zweier KMUs und Associate Professor an der Universität St. Gallen


Methoden im Spannungsfeld Strategie & Innovation, Prozesse und Technologie


Stefanie Schäfer


Verantwortliche Durchführung Universität Ulm
Wissenschaftlicher Leiter Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht
Abschluss Zertifikat
Abgeschlossenes Studium erforderlich Ja
Sprache des Angebots englisch
Leistungspunkte (ECTS) 6
Beginn 1st of october
Bewerbungsfrist 15th of september
Veranstaltungsort Ulm University
Entgelt für einen Zertifikatskurs 1.320,00 €
Gebühr nach Immatrikulation 1.140,00 €
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